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The Ameson American High School (+AP) Program (AHSP) centers are in 10 cities across four provinces in China. The AHSP collaborates with counselors in our partner schools, training and supporting them in preparing Chinese nationals to matriculate to American colleges and universities.


Our Teachers

Our teachers find a lot to like about the Ameson American High School (+AP) Program (AHSP). From friendly people to delicious food to thousands of years of culture and civilization, the benefits of living and working in China are innumerable.

Our Students

Select students from some of China’s top high schools are filtered into the 3-year American High School (+AP) Program (AHSP) that will transform their educational careers. AHSP students are preparing for an entirely different future compared to their peers.

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Our mission

GoGlobal Jobs aims to find the best educators from around the world to teach on Ameson’s American High School (+AP) Program (AHSP). Chinese students preparing for undergraduate studies abroad need different knowledge than the average high school student. GoGlobal Jobs seeks to find individuals capable of preparing these students for further education.

  • Ameson American High School (+AP) Program (AHSP)
  • Ameson Thomas Jefferson Experimental School in Changzhou

What our teachers say

GoGlobal Jobs’ services have been professionally helpful, inspiringly knowledgable, and incredibly reliable. Moving to the city of my dreams, Shanghai, was an attainable goal thanks to their staff’s commitment and expertise. Through their efforts, I found a job as an International High School teacher. GoGlobal granted me not only a job, but a wonderful opportunity to pursue my passions as a Dramatic Arts educator, and I am ecstatic to continue working with them.

David Martinez SESCIE, Shanghai

I never thought that my teaching career would have brought me to such a beautiful country! I truly enjoy teaching English in China and am looking forward to bringing continuity for my students in the upcoming school year. Teaching in China is [also] a great way to experience another culture!

Gretel French AHSP Suzhou

Most of the kids at our center are college students and they are so eager to learn about the outside world and things that interest us as teachers. When you get a good class like this, it makes you feel great as a teacher.

Ebon A. Pinson Training School Wuhan, China

I knew I wanted to teach English in China, but I didn’t know what city to go to or how to find a good and trustworthy job once I got there. Go Global took the time to thoroughly interview me, go over my resume and match me with a school that fit my personal needs.

Tasha Williams Guangdong #1 HS

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