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2 Must-See Spots in Yunnan

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This past June I travelled around Yunnan for eight days. Yunnan Province is in the south-west of China, next to Tibet. It can get pretty hot in in the summer (the highest temperature is around 30 degrees) but it’s still a great escape from the crowded cities, if you can manage it.



Dali is home for people of Bai ethnicity, which is the one of 56 minority groups in China. Bai women have a reputation for being diligent and working outside the home, while Bai men are responsible for domestic work.

Ethnic Bai artwork hanging up in Yunnan province

Erhai Lake is a famous spot in Dali. When you get there, you can rent a little boat and the sculler will take you to visit around the lake. Local delicacies include spicy rice noodles and a snack called Baba cake, which is made of milled rice powder.



Lijiang is the home of the Naxi ethnicity. In the Naxi tradition, girls with darker skin are considered more beautiful. This is a contrast to the beauty traditions of the Han ethnicity, where fair skin is considered more attractive.

Naxi handwriting on a wall in Yunnan province

Yulong Snow Mountain and the old town of Lijiang are two spots visitors shouldn’t miss. The old town is fun to go to in the evening, and there are many stores with local decorations to buy as souvenirs.

People walking in the old town of Lijiang Yunnan province

The highest elevation that people can reach on Yulong Snow Mountain is 4,680 meters. You may feel uncomfortable as you climb higher because of the lack of oxygen. The mountaintop offers great views, and Blue moon lake is a great place for taking wedding pictures.

The locals believe that if you make a wish with your hands in the lake, then your wish will come true. However, you can only do this three times!


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