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In China, WeChat Like Locals

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To connect with the rest of China, one must download China’s free widely-used smart phone application, WeChat. It’s very common for friends to exchange Facebook accounts instead of phone numbers. However, with the Great “Firewall” of China, many unlicensed websites such as Facebook are blocked by the Chinese government. Thus, instead of Facebook messenger, WeChat […]

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3 Steps to Document Authentication for a China Visa

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Document authentication for a China visa, required by a new Chinese law set in motion November 2015, may now complicate the visa application process. These documents may include your diploma or certificate of highest degree earned, marriage license, or children’s birth certificates. To simplify these new requirements, we’ve mapped out the process in three, easy […]

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China Visa FAQs

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Applying for a China visa can be a complex and difficult experience, with as many questions as there are requirements. To make things a bit simpler, we’ve compiled a Chinese visa FAQ list with common mistakes and often-overlooked information our teachers have experienced while applying for their visas.   How much does a China visa cost? The […]

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China Visa Checklist for Z Visas

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The China visa application process is one of the nastiest visa systems out there – but don’t let that come between you and an incredible experience teaching in China. We’ve muddled through all of the rules, requirements, paperwork, and even processing companies so you don’t have to. Here is your step-by-step guide to getting a […]