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City Profile: Hefei

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GoGlobal office is based in Shanghai, so readers of this blog constantly read about our adventures around town. However, there is more to China than just Shanghai! China is a big country, and a big part of moving across the world is knowing where you want to go.

With that in mind, we provide a city profile series, where we give you an overview of the locales you could be able to teach in. Your next adventure starts here!

This week’s city profile is about Hefei, the capital of and largest city in the Anhui Providence.



Hefei is located about a three hour drive northwest of Shanghai and there are currently 3.4 million people living in the city proper, which makes it the 76th largest city in the world. Between the 1930s and 1950s Hefei grew from a quiet market town to an industrial city, including the opening of a cotton mill and over time multiple universities.



Hefei experiences 4 distinct seasons with hot, humid summers and mild to cold winters similar to the south Atlantic states in the U.S.  The annual average temperature is 15.83°C (60.5°F) with heavier precipitation from May to August and annual precipitation averaging about 1,000mm (39 in). It does only rain about 1 to 2 weeks every month, however, so there is a fair share of clear, sunny days. Find out more information about Hefei’s weather.



The Hefei Xinqiao International Airport (opened in 2013) has flights not only around China, but also to different cities around Asia. Two subway lines are in the midst of construction, expected to be completed in 2016, and look to offer residents and visitors an easier way to get around the city. There are also two different bus lines that are serving that purpose now.



Hefei is home to its own football (soccer) team called the Anhui Jiufang that play in the second highest tier of China Football.

The temple of Lord Bao is also a popular tourist destination. It was built in 1066 near the tomb of Lord Bao and is still visited today, almost 1,000 years later.

Hefei Swan Lake is a lake with a manmade beach that is perfect for those warm summer days.

Lastly, the Hefei Botanical Garden is a very peaceful and beautiful place to go if you feel like a stroll.



If you are looking for souvenirs, one of the most authentic to Chinese Tradition is the Four Treasures of the Study. This refers to the four stationeries in writing Chinese calligraphy, including brush, ink-stick, paper and ink-stone, some of which certain Hefei counties are known for.

A good shop to buy these is Zuimei Stationery爱美文具 Aimei Wenju and the address is 327-2 Changjiang Zhong Road, Lushan District 庐山区长江中路327-2.

For women looking to get their shopping fix a great place to go is the women’s street at Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street. It’s located in Shanxiaokou on Changjiang Road.

If you find yourself looking for some english language literature, you can go to Hefei’s largest bookstore, Anhui Book City to find a wide range of books.

Some bars that expats frequent are Lento, Stone & Wood (you can write on the graffiti covered walls), and Mr. T Pub (known for their burgers and Soccer Saturday).


Other Useful Websites: – This website provides more information about Hefei – This website offers some tips for living in Hefei – This website is for expats living in Hefei

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