The skyline of Jinan in Shandong province, China

City Profile: Jinan

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The GoGlobal office is based in Shanghai, so readers of this blog constantly read about our adventures around town. However, there is more to China than just Shanghai! China is a big country, and a big part of moving across the world is knowing where you want to go.

With that in mind, we provide a city profile series, where we give you an overview of the locales you could be able to teach in. Your next adventure starts here!

This week’s city profile is about Jinan, the capital of and one of the largest cities in the Shandong Providence



Jinan is located 400 km (250 mi) south of Beijing and there are currently 3.8 million people living in the urban area of Jinan, which makes it the 106th largest urban area in the world. Jinan is often referred to as the “Spring City” because of its 72 artesian springs within the city proper. It became an important transportation and trading hub in the early 1900s and eventually developed into an industrial center.



Jinan experiences 4 distinct seasons with hot, humid summers and mild to cold winters with occasional snow. The annual average temperature is 14.7°C (58.5°F), and there is only a moderate amount of rain (mostly in the summer), so there is a fair share of clear, sunny days.



The Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport has many domestic flights around China in addition to international flights around Asia. The Shanghai-Beijing High Speed railway passes through Jinan, so it opens up travel from Jinan to the two largest cities in China. It is a 2 hour bullet train ride to Beijing and 4 hour ride to Shanghai. Jinan has 6 different kinds of bus systems that help people travel around the city with ease. Construction on a Metro began in 2013 and is set to open in 2018.




  • The “72 Famous Springs” are a major tourist destination with the Baotu Spring Park being the most popular of the bunch. They are concentrated in the downtown district and work their way north to converge in Daming Lake.
  • There are many Buddhists sights in Jinan; the Four Gates Pagoda and Lingyan Temple are the most popular.
  • The Shandong Provincial Museum is the largest museum in the province and houses a large collection of natural and historical treasures of the whole province.

Bubbling water springs in Baotu Spring Park

Buddha's carved into a mountain in Jinan


  • Shanshi East Road has adjoining buildings with a lot of little stores where you can bargain to get clothes.
  • Black Pottery, an ancient pottery type from 4000 years ago, can be found in various places around Jinan. The thin walls and distinctive polishing is characteristic of Black Pottery and although you can’t buy the antiques, new pottery is made for tourists to purchase.


Bars and Clubs:

  • Lang Kwui Fong is a bar popular with foreigners and locals (Wenhua Dong Lu).
  • Cinderella is a club underneath a sports stadium (Jingshi Lu).


Other Useful Websites: – More info about Jinan. – Tips for living in Jinan. – Help for expats moving to Jinan.

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