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City Profile: Nantong

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GoGlobal office is based in Shanghai, so readers of this blog constantly read about our adventures around town. However, there is more to China than just Shanghai! China is a big country, and a big part of moving across the world is knowing where you want to go.

With that in mind, we provide a city profile series, where we give you an overview of the locales you could be able to teach in. Your next adventure starts here!

This week’s City profile is about Nantong, located in Jiangsu Province.



Nantong is a second tier city in China with a population of 7 million. Located on the Northern portion of the Yangtze River, Nantong is about 2 hours north of Shanghai and about an hour and a half from Suzhou.

With its proximity to Shanghai you get the best of both worlds; the perks of living in a quiet relaxed area and the perks of the concrete international jungle. Nantong is a beautiful city with lots of things to offer. From a lively nightlife to serene nature destinations, Nantong has something from everyone.



Nantong summers (June – August) are very humid while its winters (December – February) are dry. The hottest months in Nantong are on average above 30C or about 86°Fahernheit, but it cools down in September. Find more information about the weather in Nantong.



Currently, Nantong’s only public transportation system is its bus system. However, as of August 2014, Nantong has started to build its own subway system. The date of completion is currently unknown but hopefully the subway will be up and running soon.

As for the bus system, it has over 50 routes and the fare is 2 RMB. Many people also have bicycles or electric scooters. Taxis are also available in Nantong with the base fare starting at 8RMB, with additional fare added at and then about 1.8 RMB per kilometer. The Nantong Xingdong Airport that has domestic flights that goes to 16 cities throughout China.

If you want to have a weekend adventure, Shanghai and Suzhou are quite close. You can get to Shanghai by coach bus in two hours for only 60RMB. Suzhou is even closer – you can make it in an hour and half by bus for 45 RMB.



For Chinese history buffs, Nantong’s museums include: the Nantong Textile Museum, the Nantong Museum, and the Nantong Kite Museum.

For nature lovers, Nantong has several temples that require you to hike to get to them, the most famous being the Langshan (Wolf Hill) Temple. This temple is located at the peak of a river-sided hill and it is a Buddhist temple dedicated to a monk that claimed to have power over water demons. It’s a popular destination for sailors who want to pray for a safe journey. You can also rent your own speedboat for 100RMB and cruise along the Hao River.

Nantong’s Nightlife scene is very lively; with numerous live music bars, restaurants and KTV places you’ll be sure to have a good time. A very popular area among expats is Bar Street. Bar Street is located at Qingnian Road and Cheng Shan Road is home to eight bars and two full service restaurants that specifically cater to foreigners.

Some of the more popular resturants/bars in Nantong include:



In China people buy groceries on a daily basis, so markets are located in every neighborhood for convenient shopping on your way home from work. These food markets have a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wet markets where you can buy fresh meat and fish.

Nantong has a few department stores but the two largest are Metro and Tesco-Lotus. Both Metro and Tesco-Lotus are international department stores, and you can find them in most big cities in China. Metro is located near the old campus of Nantong University. This is a membership only store but the membership is free and easy to obtain; just have your passport and you’ll be all set.

Though Metro is a bit pricey compared to other department stores, it does have a large stock of foreign imported items. Some of the categories Metro has in stock include; clothing, groceries, electronics, liquor, and produce.

The other main department store is called Tesco-Lotus. Tesco-Lotus is similar to other large discount department stores like Wal-Mart and Carrefour. Tesco-Lotus has a Kentucky Fried Chicken inside and numerous vendors selling clothes, perfume and other items.

You can find clothing, electronics, electric scooters, groceries, produce and liquor at Tesco-Lotus. Tesco-Lotus is located at 164 Gongnong South Road, Chongchuan, Nantong and you can find it here on Google Maps.


Other useful websites

An Old Coger in China: this website is written by an Expat currently living in Nantong China. this website is run by some expats currently living in Nantong and have information on all aspects of life in regards to Nantong. this section of Trip Advisor has information on hotels, restaurants and other things to do in Nantong.

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