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City Profile: Shijiazhuang

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GoGlobal office is based in Shanghai, so readers of this blog constantly read about our adventures around town. However, there is more to China than just Shanghai! China is a big country, and a big part of moving across the world is knowing where you want to go.

With that in mind, we provide a city profile series, where we give you an overview of the locales you could be able to teach in. Your next adventure starts here!

This week’s city profile is about Shijiazhuang, the capital of the Hebei Providence.



Shijiazhuang is located 263 km (163 mi) southwest of Beijing and has a population of 3.4 million people, which makes it the 131st largest urban area in the world. Shijiazhuang is the capital of the Hebei Province, and it is acknowledged as an emerging industrial city with a bright future. Shijiazhuang is the largest pharmaceutical base in China and is as well an important center in the textile, IT, manufacturing and chemical industries.



Shijiazhuang experiences a wide variety of temperature and weather conditions throughout the year. Most of the year is dry in Shijiazhuang, but summer monsoon season brings rain and humidity. Overall the temperatures are on the cooler side, with the annual average temperature being about 13°C (56°F). Find out more information about Shijiazhuang’s weather.



The Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport has many domestic flights around China in addition to international flights around Asia. The Beijing-Guangzhou High Speed railway passes through Shijiazhuang, so it opens up travel to two of the largest cities in China. Jinan has 97 bus routes that help people travel around the city with ease. A metro system with 6 lines is currently under construction and is set to open in 2017.



  • Mount Baodu is an ancient fortified hilltop settlement located on the west side of the city containing various walks and Buddhist statues.
  • Mount Cangyan is a scenic area in Jingxing County, Hebei Province, China, famous for its combination of natural mountain scenery with historical man-made structures.
  • The Longxing Temple is an ancient Buddhist monastery located just outside the city referred to as the “First Temple south of Beijing”.



  • If you’re craving Western food, the Wanda Mall on Huai An Lu, has a Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, and KFC. It also has a movie theater with an IMAX screen, as well as many clothing stores which are reasonably priced.
  • EGO, Tai He and Nan San Tiao, wholesale shopping centers are Near Dong Fang.


Bars and Clubs:

  • Some popular new clubs are Rex, Mazzo, Deep and Ant.
  • The two most popular bars are Story Bar and Freely’s.


Other Useful Websites for Expats:

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