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A small glimpse into a Korean ESL classroom… remarkably similar to their Chinese counterparts!

Originally posted on 50(+) First Dates:

They say that kids say the darndest things. This is especially true when English is their second language. Here’s a compilation of the gems my students said whilst I was teaching elementary students in South Korea (yes I wrote them down so I wouldn’t ever forget):

Me (teacher): What comes out of an egg?

Student 1: Dinosaurs

Student 2: I eat dinosaur eggs!

Around Christmas…

Student: Rudolf’s nose is bling-bling.

Me: What’s in a can?

Student: Mekju! (Korean word for beer)

Student: Lions live on a farm.

Me: Lions live in Africa.

Student: No, Simba lives on the farm. Really. Sometimes.

Me: What would you ask Lee Myung Bok? (then President of Korea)

Student: Do you wanna die?

Me: What are you going to wear when you’re older?

Student: A wedding dress.

Student: Teacher, is dinosaur or dragons bigger? Stegosaurus is big neck.

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Comment with the funny things your English as a second language students have said.
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