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Long Vowel Simple Sight Words

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Long Vowel Simple Sight Word Lesson: (Free worksheets).


  • Make cards for the words  me, we, he, she.
  • Copy the long vowel worksheets. Worksheet for long vowel E wordsWorksheet for long vowel I wordsWorksheet for ay long vowel words (You may want to do another lesson on AY words. may, say, day and a lesson for I words. I, hi, sky, fly, why).
  • Locate  the book: He Bear, She Bear by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

Lesson: Rule: Vowels alone not followed by a consonant and at the end of a syllable, especially the first syllable, are usually long.

  • Discuss the rule.
  • Read together all the word cards.
  • Read the story He Bear, She Bear by Stan and Jan  Berenstain.


  • Do the worksheet/s together. Write the letter to finish the word and review the sound, combine the consonant with the long vowel and sound out the word, then draw a picture…

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