A view into the main entrance at M50 art district in Shanghai China

M50: Shanghai Art District

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If there’s one thing I did not expect to find in Shanghai, it is the amount of contemporary art that exists within this buzzing city.

Not just within the galleries and art spaces, but the many sculpture parks scattered throughout the city (Jing’an Sculpture Park, Shanghai Sculpture Space, and Shanghai Sculpture Park).


Contemporary art

The entrance of M50 art district in Shanghai China

M50 or No. 50 Moganshan Lu is one of the most recommended sights in Shanghai for art lovers. M50 is not just a single art space, but many people describes it as an entire art district for emerging contemporary Chinese artists.

Prints at the M50 art district in Shanghai China

Even outside the sanctuary of M50, I saw many young artists working on vibrant street art that covered the wall of the entire street. This is something I would see quite often back home in Melbourne, Australia.

The size of M50 is truly incredible. Mini art galleries, art shops and artist’s studios are present in every corner and levels of every buildings. Seeing the artists at work on either a new painting, photograph or sculpture is absolutely inspiring.

A big red sculpture at the M50 art district in Shanghai China


They are very friendly and passionate about showing you their work and inspirations. You appreciate the artwork a lot more when you meet the artist and see how it is created for yourself.

Sculptures and paintings at M50 art district in Shanghai

When you need to rest your feet and have something to drink, just head to one of the few cafes near the entrance gate.

Sculptures at M50 art district in Shanghai China

A tip to remember is that most galleries are closed either on a Sunday or Monday. Photographs are allowed in some galleries and studios but not others.

An artist at M50 art district in Shanghai China


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