An outside view of Nanjing no. 5 high school in China

Faces of Nanjing No. 5 High School

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One teacher at Nanjing No. 5 High School presents three student profiles, HONY-style.

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I’ve always found Humans of New York to be one of my favorite human-interest pieces that I peruse daily. It reminds me that every single stranger I walk past each day has an entire life that I have no clue about. They have their own problems, interests, and personality that I will most likely never know of. The amount of events that occurred in our lives to lead each of us to that exact location in the world is crazy to contemplate. I guess you could say these are my shower thoughts?

I really should’ve thought about doing this type of thing when I first arrived and started teaching at Nanjing No. 5 High School.  My students are all friendly, love to talk English with me, and enjoy taking pictures (although I thought it might be a little weird if I were taking pictures with/of my students with my phone, but I guess it isn’t…

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Tell us about your time teaching English in China.
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