China travel guide: desert landscape of Inner Mongolia

Your Real China Travel Guide to Inner Mongolia

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The real China travel guide to Inner Mongolia will lead you away from the loud cities and attractions and into the heart of the country.

Home to grasslands, deserts, lakes, and mountains, Inner Mongolia is a hidden cultural and geographical gem. While most travel websites will lead you to the grasslands, ancient temples, and growing city, you may still find yourself surrounded by tourist traps and selfie-sticks.

riding camels through theGobi Desert


Escape to the desert

Looking for off-the-beaten-path locations might be more challenging, but the reward is astounding. Forget navigating through traffic and take a jeep ride through the desert to your destination. Don’t wait in line to buy tickets to yet another Buddhist temple, simply grab your sled and try sand surfing down the nearest dune.

Spend the night stargazing after a bonfire welcome complete with native singing and dancing and fireworks. Take a camel ride, swim in Moon Lake, or take flight in a motorized hang glider. Not only will you escape the constant noises and pressures of the real world, but also you will have a one-of-a-kind experience and memories to last a lifetime.


Experience the true Inner Mongolia

Adopt the Mongolian lifestyle and really become one with your adventure. You can stay in a traditional-style yurt:

Inner Mongolian yurt


Dress in traditional Inner Mongolian robes for a bonfire celebration, and enjoy a roast lamb to celebrate the arrival of an honored guest (you):

Inner Mongolian roast lamb


It is true that showers are harder to find out in the desert, but places such as Moon Lake offer clean bathrooms and sinks with running water. You can also pack cleansing wipes to help you through a long weekend if you desire.

Places such as these are hard to find and the journey there is an adventure in itself, but the opportunities are numerous. So when the time comes for you to plan the next weekend getaway, give yourself the break you deserve and enjoy the quiet life of Inner Mongolia.


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