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Santa’s Missing Letters

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Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is to know how to write you a letter…”


Unfortunately, this is the reality for many young children across Britain and possibly other developed countries according to The Sunday Times’ news article ‘Sacks of trouble for St Nick’s Codebreakers’.


Missing skills

Children are lacking the capability required to construct and send a proper letter. A missing postcode or location might be solvable, however, bad handwriting is far more alarming and troublesome.

No one expects children to possess handwriting worthy of a calligraphy script, but having legible handwriting is a life-long skill.

Parents are also responsible for encouraging and nurturing their children and students to develop readable handwriting.

In the ESL classroom, teachers should equip their students with proper handwriting and letter writing skills right from the start to prevent unnecessary mistakes down the road. Good letter writing skills also provide a foundation for professional written communication later in life.

Take advantage of this festive season and allow your students to practice their creative letter writing skills to Santa!

Check here for a free lesson plan.

Check here for a free letter to Santa template.


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