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Singles Day and Online Commerce in China

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November 11 marks Singles Day, the Chinese culture anti-Valentine’s day where singles party and celebrate.

It has also become the world’s biggest online shopping day in which exceeds the sales volume of Cyber Monday in America. According to a survey done by Millward Brown, Chinese consumers are bargain hunters, they are more excited about shopping and e-commerce than other nationalities.

Singles Day has become a great opportunity for big retailers such as Alibaba and Taobao. These companies targeting many younger consumers, as well as restaurants, Karaoke, and low-price online shopping malls launch their key promotions.

When it comes to shopping, Chinese consumers rely more on social media reviews and what friends say about the product. They love e-trailling since they prioritize product availability as much as its price.

While western shoppers are used to ordering online and receive trustworthy products and services, it is not too uncommon in China to get unauthentic products. It is important to check the reviews and confirm after-service availability when purchasing goods.

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Chinese Singles Day is not only for singles to take advantage of the bargains on offer to go on a spree. Expats who live in China can stock up on Christmas presents and living essentials at very discounted prices!

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Singles’ Day has become important both culturally and commercially as a holiday in China. Leave us a comment below describing your experiences on Singles’ Day, or what you look forward to doing on Singles’ Day!
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