teaching in China at Shanghai Gezhi high school

The Difference between Chinese and Foreign Teachers

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There are countless comparisons of the Chinese education system vs. the U.S. education system, but often overlooked is the students’ opinions—specifically, what Chinese students have to say about the difference between Chinese and foreign teachers teaching in China.   “Many local American students, they think most of Chinese students…are machines, they work very hard and […]

Chinese kids in a classroom in Nanjing

Advice From an ESL Teacher Who Had No Clue What He Was Doing The First Day of Class

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After talking to students and teachers from Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Italy, Ireland, and many other countries around the world, I’ve understood that your academic experience is going to be different depending on where you grow up; China is no exception. Different classrooms and different students require a range of techniques to effectively teach without […]

Korean kids posing for the camera

Korean Kids

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A small glimpse into a Korean ESL classroom… remarkably similar to their Chinese counterparts! Originally posted on 50(+) First Dates: They say that kids say the darndest things. This is especially true when English is their second language. Here’s a compilation of the gems my students said whilst I was teaching elementary students in South […]