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Ten Common Mistakes ESL Teachers Make in the Classroom (And How to Fix Them)

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Really great summation of teaching ESL!

Originally posted on So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?:

Nobody is perfect. That’s the truth. It’s the same for doctors, lawyers, parents, students, and teachers. Nobody likes making mistakes. Big or small, mistakes can kill self-esteem, loom over our heads like some grim reaper created out of our own idiocy. In a classroom, teachers often make mistakes early on in their careers; veteran teachers make mistakes, too.


What mistakes do ESL teachers make?

ESL teachers tend to frequently make mistakes throughout their first year. The inadequate training of some programs, lack of preparation, and general inexperience all contribute to these mistakes. They’re fairly common, so don’t feel bad. I made numerous mistakes my first year teaching, and I still make mistakes from time to time.


Here are ten common mistakes ESL teachers make (taken from both BusyTeacher, and ABCfrog).

1.Too much “Teacher Talk Time” – This is a very common mistake teachers make.


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