World Financial Centre Jin Mao Tower and Shangahi tower in Shanghai

The Journey Continues

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Having seen the Pudong skyline from The Bund last weekend, I was determined to carry on my China travel journey and check out Pudong on Saturday. Coming off Lujiazui Station (Line 2), I headed straight for the International Finance Center (IFC) Mall, known for its luxury goods.

IFC building in Shanghai China

High end luxury

After a few hours of browsing through Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more, I decided it’s best to get out before I spend my entire budget for the month! It was pleasant to experience and just enjoy the wonderful Christmas decorations that adorned the complex.

Inside the IFC mall at Christmas in Shanghai

A short walk from IFC Mall was the Shanghai World Financial Center, the second tallest building in Mainland China after the Shanghai Tower. Instead of paying around 100RMB for the observation deck, I found a much better alternative.

A view on the Jin Mao tower in Shanghai

The Park Hyatt Shanghai offers a sophisticated café on the 87th floor for people wanting to enjoy the magnificent view of Shanghai as well as a drink. Afternoon tea costs around 280RMB per set (US$45) and cocktails at 87RMB per glass (US$14). I spent 2 hours relaxing and enjoying the view with my delicious cocktails.

An afternoon tea set at the Park Hyatt in Shanghai

By the late afternoon, I stopped by Super Brand Mall to see lesser known designer clothes and brands. By the time I headed back to my hotel, the gleaming lights were starting to appear on the surrounding skyscrapers.


Fake luxury goods

Sunday was more relaxed but certainly not any less enjoyable. I visited Jing’an Temple early in the morning for prayer as well as admire the temple’s unique architecture.

Outside the Jingan temple in Shanghai

The afternoon consisted of browsing the Shiliupu Fabric Market near Yuyuan Garden, known for cheap tailored made clothing. An average quality tailored made men’s suit costs around 600 to 800 RMB (US$97 to $130).

Inside the Shiliupu fabric market in Shanghai

I hopped back on the metro straight for Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station which is directed linked to the AP Plaza Mall, known as the ‘fake market’. Not having an interest in fake luxury goods, I didn’t purchase anything, however, my friends were undoubtedly prepared to bargain hard for their goods and souvenirs.


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