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VPN Your Way Through the Great Firewall of China

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When you’re blessed with high speed internet and unrestricted web browsing, the appearance of the automatic error message, “This site cannot be reached” is a living nightmare in Mainland China without a Virtual Network Private (VPN) service provider. Access to popular Western web sites such as Google and Facebook are usually blocked by the Chinese government, but no fret.

VPNs are available online for private web browsing protection and access to restricted websites on several electronic devices. Whether you are in China for a teaching position or vacation, costly phone bills can be avoided via unblocked social applications to communicate with family and friends. To learn more about the benefits of VPNs, Life Hacker explains the purpose of a VPN in full details.

VPN 101

Finding a VPN through a search engine is relatively simple, but selecting a secure and trusted service provider is up to your personal preference. You have the option to download a free VPN or purchase a server with an inexpensive monthly/yearly plan. (Prices may vary depending on the server and plan purchased).

When your downloaded VPN service provider is registered and enabled, several locations are available for connection. Once you are connected to a suggested or preferred location, you can access frequently used websites abroad.

Top 3 Free Service Providers:
• Hola
• VPN Master
• Freegate

Top 3 Paid VPNs:
• Express VPN ($8.32/m)
• Total VPN ($4.99/m)
• Pure VPN ($9.99/m)

Although free VPNs are good for our wallet, they normally have limited services and bandwidths. Restricted websites can be accessed by hiding from connected networks, but free VPN providers usually track your data when browsing the internet and may sell it to third parties. Thus, precautions should be taken and it goes for paid service providers as well. Still want to try out a free VPN? Head over to Cloudwards and check out who they’ve chosen as the top 5 free VPN service providers.

No server is necessarily safe, whether or not a VPN is enabled, so be aware of inputting personal information in hazy websites. If you’re still concerned about VPNs’ reliability, TenBestVPNs offers great tips on choosing a secure one.

Overall, Virtual Private Network service providers are useful for network access and public network protection. If you are going abroad or want secure internet connection, be sure to look into reliable VPN service providers and have control over your web browsing experience.

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