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America: “Cash or Credit?” China: “WeChat Wallet”

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WeChat, commonly known as WeiXin by the Chinese, is more than a simple free messaging and calling app. Overall, it is a multi-functional living necessity in China. One of the app’s major features is WeChat Wallet (WeiXin ZhiFu). It is a convenient and efficient way to transfer money for a large population of consumers in China.

Without the use of cash or card, users can easily make purchases with a simple scan from the app’s integrated QR Code scanner. With no delay, money is immediately transferred from the user’s linked bank account in WeChat Wallet to the receiver’s. WeiXin is so widely used that most stores and restaurants accept payment through WeChat’s well developed feature.

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WeChat Wallet for Non-Natives of China

Despite WeiXin’s advanced system, only select features are available in various locations. As of now, the Wallet can only be used in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Africa. With high demands in Mainland China, all services can be accessed, but they are “hidden” in countries such as the United States.

Thus, setting up a WeChat Wallet account for foreigners can be a little tricky. When in China, the app’s region must to be set to China for the Wallet to appear. To do so, the user must input a local area code with their corresponding Chinese phone number.

Simply go to Settings -> My Account -> Phone -> Change Mobile.


When the country/region is changed to China and the local number is entered, the app will automatically activate China’s version of WeChat. Once the feature appears under the “Me” tab, a local or international credit/debit card account can be linked to the Wallet. To avoid errors, figure out if your bank is accepted by WeChat Wallet through HGR Tech News.

Multi-Talented WeChat

Once the Wallet is set up, multiple essential functions are ready for use. “Transfer” is a quick and easy way to transfer money to WeiXin friends. Users do not have to worry about paying in cash or having IOUs. To make life less stressful, linked utility bills (“Utilities”) and credit card bills (“Card Repay”) can also be paid via WeChat with a tap of the finger. Thus, there will be no need to pay in person, through phone, or online.

Through third party operators, reservations for taxis, hotels, rail and flights, and movie tickets can all be booked in a single phone app. With new and improved functions, the app constantly attracts new users and loyal WeChatters locally and globally.

Of course, WeChat Wallet is only one of the many features in WeChat. Others such as Moments, WeChat Out, and Subscriptions are also very convenient and accessible for WeChatters’ daily usage. For a free messaging service, WeChat has definitely surpassed its initial purpose.

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