A view of boats on the river in Zhujiajiao

Zhujiajiao: An Ancient Town

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My name is Judy and I am from Qingpu, Shanghai. Currently, I am a student in the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China.

Zhujiajiao is 45.2 kilometers from downtown Shanghai. Zhujiajiao (which is in Qingpu District) is an easy way to see an ancient town without traveling very far from the city. The town has an old school charm that is a stark contrast to the modernity Shanghai symbolizes, and reflects the simplicity and serenity of old Shanghai.


The magic city

Zhujiajiao is made up of a series of bridges and rivers. The most famous is Fangsheng Bridge. In the past, monks would put living fish into the river on the first day of the Lunar New Year in order to express their respect for life, which is where the bridge get its name.

Zhujiajiao is popular with photographers, and the black roofs, white walls, and rivers make for very recognizable shots. In Chinese, Shanghai is known as “the magic city,” or “the land of fish and water.”

*How to get there: Take metro line 2 to East Xujing Station + Zhu Xu Line bus


The Dianshan Lake – a lake in Zhujiajiao Town

Zhujiajiao is also home to the Dianshan Lake, the origin of Huangpu River. It is the biggest natural freshwater lake in the Shanghai region. Shrimp from the lake are called rice shrimp, and look very similar to steamed rice. We usually eat them in the summer, boiled until they are just barely cooked through.

The views of the lake is incredible. You can rent a fishing-boat and paddle around the lake, and the bulrush and lotus floating on the lake’s surface, have inspired Chinese poets for centuries.

*How to get there: Take metro line 2 to East Xujing Station + Shangzhu Line bus/ Zhuxu Line bus +walk


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